books-app.gitA library application I did to demonstrate celery's functionality. Roger Gonzalez5 months
dotfiles.gitmy dotfiles Roger Gonzalez3 weeks
matrix-bot.gitmy matrix personal assistant Roger Gonzalez7 weeks
minio-example.gitA small django application with minio I did to demonstrate minio's functionality...Roger Gonzalez5 months simple restaurants website for the city of montevideo Roger Gonzalez4 months
registro-civil-scraper.gita small scraper I did for the civil registry in Uruguay, a Telegram bot that sen...Roger Gonzalez5 months website Roger Gonzalez3 months old website Roger Gonzalez5 months
tech-tests.gita collection of all my tech tests Roger Gonzalez5 months is the source code for The Infinite Website Roger Gonzalez11 days
yams.gityams: Yet Another Media Server. My personal media server, easy to install in a b...Roger Gonzalez2 days website Roger Gonzalez4 months