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masterBumped versionRoger Gonzalez4 months
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2024-03-28Bumped versionHEADmasterRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-28Added RARBGRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-13Bumped minor versionRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-13Added more ads to the adlistRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-12Merge branch 'additions' into 'master'Roger Gonzalez
2024-03-12add some common ads I foundRussel Savage
2024-03-09Only deploying not on tagsRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Added missing ad Gitlab issue templateRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Added docker badgeRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Only building docker on Dockerfile or pyproject.toml changeRoger Gonzalez