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masterMarked as deprecated in pypiRoger Gonzalez2 months
refactor-to-classBumped versionRoger Gonzalez10 months
test-linterGoing back to lint/deploy onlyRoger Gonzalez10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2024-04-18Marked as deprecated in pypiHEADmasterRoger Gonzalez
2024-04-18Bumped minor versionRoger Gonzalez
2024-04-18Added "no longer works" section to READMERoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Bumped patch versionRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Don't run deployments on tagsRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Bumped minor versionRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Reauthorizing if the token expiresRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Bumped patch versionRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Fixed typoRoger Gonzalez
2024-03-09Bump minor versionRoger Gonzalez