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  • This are my repostiories. If for some reason you don't like my private git instance, you can check my gitlab here:
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A small greeter for Telegram. It runs just before I wake up and tells me relevant information for my day

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My dotfiles

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a small scraper I did for the civil registry in Uruguay, a Telegram bot that sends me a message when there are new appointments

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my blog, made in hugo

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Website for Derys Sevilla,

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my website

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The theme for my blog,

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A collection of Katas from my Codewars adventures

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A collection of all my tech tests

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A starter demo with Mongo DB for Programma Group. Original is

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All my docker-compose files for my server

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My own NodeJS REST starter files

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A simple practice with BeautifulSoup. A BibleGateway scrapper

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This is my ES6 website generator, with Gulp automatization

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A TTS Bot for Telegram

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