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  • 登録日 Dec 29, 2019

A small greeter for Telegram. It runs just before I wake up and tells me relevant information for my day

最終更新 4日前

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My dotfiles

最終更新 5日前

a small scraper I did for the civil registry in Uruguay, a Telegram bot that sends me a message when there are new appointments

最終更新 1週間前

my blog, made in hugo

最終更新 2週間前

Website for Derys Sevilla,

最終更新 1ヶ月前

my website

最終更新 1ヶ月前

The theme for my blog,

最終更新 2ヶ月前

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A collection of Katas from my Codewars adventures

最終更新 4ヶ月前

A collection of all my tech tests

最終更新 4ヶ月前

A starter demo with Mongo DB for Programma Group. Original is

最終更新 5ヶ月前

All my docker-compose files for my server

最終更新 6ヶ月前

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My own NodeJS REST starter files

最終更新 6ヶ月前

A simple practice with BeautifulSoup. A BibleGateway scrapper

最終更新 6ヶ月前

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This is my ES6 website generator, with Gulp automatization

最終更新 6ヶ月前

A TTS Bot for Telegram

最終更新 6ヶ月前