A collection of all my tech tests
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Payever test

Comes with:

  • ES6 support.
  • ESLint for code linting.
  • Configuration management using dotenv.
  • Logging of requests with Winston.
  • Tests using Mocha/Chai.
  • Coverage report through nyc.



Clone the repository, install the dependencies and get started right away.

$ git clone [email protected]:Rogergonzalez21/payever-test.git <application-name>
$ cd <application-name>
$ rm -rf .git
$ npm install

Make a copy of .env.example as .env and update your application details and database credentials.

Environment variables description

  • NODE_ENV: The node environment
  • PORT: Application port. If not specified, it defaults to port 7777.
  • TEST_PORT: Port to run tests.

This in an example of a .env file


Starting the application

$ npm run start


If you have set the test database on the .env file, you can run the tests by using

$ npm run test


payever-test is under MIT License.